Mixing it up: Adelaide's story


In the beginning the wizard had the Tree of Life under his power, and all of the animals were unowned. so all of the seasons in turn would go to get chosen by the animlas. There were two kingdoms in each season but they weren't allowed to visit each other because the wizard thought everything had to be right and in order, so no-one was allowed to visit their opposite kingdom  or seaons. evenutally all the animals had gone to their new home. And the tree was left to rot away.Eventually the people decided they wouldnt put up with it any more. They wanted to change, They got new friends and were happy, and shared their things. The Magician didnt like it and he brought down storms upon the earth, but even so the people were too happy to care, and they all mixed in together because they all love each other and there are no kingdoms any more and the animalsroam freely. And because of all the love in the world, the Tree of life came back. And it was all sunny, even if the Magician tried to bring fifty two storms upon the earth, and everyone was happy and bright and the Tree  grew as high as the stars and everyone was proud of the earth and sometimes the families stayed together and sometimes they were apart, but they always cared about each other even if they were strictly concentrating. And no-one did any wrong because they knew that if they did the world would be a sad and lonely place like it was before and everyone could make new friends and everyone could express their opinion and everyone said it's ok to listen to other's opinions because we might be able to think of something together. And all the seasons were mixed and it was the happiest time. But after about a year there came the most terrifying time. The evil side came down to earth. The ice dragon freezing people and the wizard regaining  control of the tree's power and turning the fairy to ice. And the ice dragon went round freezing anybody who disobeyed the order to get back to their own season, even if they ran the season they would get frozen. They would all be friends and they didnt want them to be friends. So many people got badly injured and frozen in that period. And the most scariest point of that time was when the ship which had never moved from its harbour before came down and the Vikings dismounted and the dragon's head spouted fire and the Vikings began to harm the people of the earth, some of the nicest, bravest, prettiest people got frozen that night, the unicorns all got taken away from each other and frozen and the father was so worried he sent his children away and eventually all the children went away to a place called Limbo where one adult would look after them. All of the deer had been taken away, there were only a couple of brave fighters who could stand against the evil side, and they were the strongest, the bravest, the cleverest of them all. They tried to fight against them but they couldn't. The children were very sad, but they all stood bravely and they thought about their freedom and their rights. They didnt want to be depressed and think about the people suffering, they tried to be brave and think about fighting against the bad and being helpful to what was right. It was a very sad time. Eventually there were only about twenty fighters left. Many were fozen and taken away, some were taken away because they were too frightened and many fought back.  Eventually the mountain was covered in frozen  sculptures of people who were fozen. But those hearts of the children weren't pointless, sometimes they even unfoze a tiny bit of the people who were frozen and every time they felt a tiny bit happier the people would get a tiny bit warmer each day and the mountain was sinking and getting lower and then one of the people managed to freeze one of the evil people, it was an accident, they knew it wasnt right but they had to do it to save the earth. The girl was risen up through the levels. Eventually the brave side  surrendered they just couldnt fight any more. They said they wanted their freedom but the evil side just laughed. There were only fifteen standing people and after a year and a day the boat just went away  because they said if you are not going to fight us we will go away and it wasnt seen again but the people who were on it got off and they started running the earth and they got the people who remained back into the seasons and they werent allowed to join together. Anyone who said I want to stay standing and I dont want to move, they got frozen.And there were only two people in summer, and five in winter and five in autumn and only three in spring. And soon the gifts from the tree were taken away and after a long while the tree that had once brought the animals to their rightful seasons was taken away. First they took away the tree of life, and then the swing of justice and then the carriage of summer and then the carriage of ice. But there was one thing that puzzled them which was where the children had gone and they took their boat out and they took one person who hadnt been frozen and they were mean to her and that was the Queen of Summer and they put her at the head of the boat and she had to take them, but before that she sent a message that they should move but some of the children had to stay and fight . And some of the children who werent the adults and who werent very old yet were taken away to somewhere that was special and safe. And that place that was somewhere  special and safe was up on the mountain of life, and they were able to get up there in a day, and that was a very sad day, they could look down on the earth and all they could see was one living person in summer and five in autumn. The wizard thought he didnt need the tree any more and so he left there was one thing he left and that was his ring, on the tree and as long as it stayed on the tree the people remained frozen but onone dared get it down from the tree because if they did Eagle girl would swoop down on them.  


The boat was getting nearer and nerer the children. it docked and they found lots and lots of children . and lots got frozen, nay of the children who tried to stand bravely and even the mesenger the bravest of them all were frozen, all of the people were bundled up and shoved onto the boat, eventually all were crammed on the boat and were taken back to be prisoners, and the people and children on the boat, the slaves, were made to work, it was a year and a day before they got back and they were put on the mountain in a prison made of ice ecept for the floor and if they tried to get out they would be fozen. But evenutally they found a way to get out, the smalles tone who was the squirrel found a tiny hole and he poked his way through and got out, then he was able to open the cage so everyone could get out and the prison of course because it was nerer to summer the prison melted. it took rather a long time for the evil side to notice that the prison had melted and that the prionsers had excaped and had not gone back to their seasons. And they all had hope in their hearts even though they were looking down on the frozen people and they thought it should have been them who were frozen and not their loving families. And they thought and htrought and thought about all these people in a loving way, and eventually one of the strongest people was unfrozen. And the evil people didnt notice, they were thinking about how to rule the world and who they would freeze next and eventually with hope i their hearyts they managed to unfreeze another strong person, the princiess of summer and thefairy of autumn and the dragon of winter, and they were thinking about all of the people being unfrozen and they thought so much that eventually all the people became unfrozen. And the ice skating fairy returned to winter and the unicorns returned to spring and then finall with all of these people thinking as well, Pegasus came back. And then with hope in these hearts they all came down to greet each other. And with bright joy in all of these hearts that eveyone would soon be unfrozen, the deer came back, and the next gift to winter was the wolves, and the two playful pups went back to meet their father who was waiting for them. But one of the evil people noticed, but he was touching his friends's swrod when he woke and so he was frozen. All the animals and the fairies got reutrned to their seasons. And the people came down from the mountain, the elephant and the peacokc, and then came down the jaguar, then last but not least of the frozen ones was Maple the donkey who belonged to autum. But there were still some people who hadnt been unfrozen, but as soon as the Tree kicked off the ring, all of the animals who were not owned went back to the Tree, they wanted to be part of seasons. And soon with all the happiness, and everything getting back lifelike, all of the ones of the evil side, their boats and everythign, every member of the evil side dropped down and froze, because the one thing that made people freezew was happiness. the happiness of all the people they had tried to make sad.  

The End