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Grove, N. (Ed)  (2012)

Using Storytelling to Support Children and Adults with Special Needs Transforming lives through telling tales

London: Taylor and Francis


Grove, N. (2010)

The big book of Storysharing:At home, in school

London: SENJIT/Institute of Education.


Grove, N. (2009)

Learning to Tell; a Handbook for Inclusive Storytelling  

Kidderminster: BILD publication.


Grove, N. (2005)

Ways into Literature

London: David Fulton. 2nd Edition of Literature for All:  London: David Fulton. Joint winner  NASEN book award, 1999.


Grove, N. & Macintosh, B.l (2005)

Communication for Person Centred Planning  

Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities www.learningdisabilities.org.uk/publications


von Tetzchner, S. & Grove, N.  (Eds) (2002)

New Developments in Augmentative and Alternative Communication

London: Whurr Publishers.





Grove, N. (2015)

Finding the sparkle: storytelling in the lives of people with learning disabilities.  

Tizard Learning Review, 20 (2015), 1,


Grove, N (2013)

Story, agency and meaning making: Narrative models and the social inclusion of people with severe and profound intellectual disabilities

Journal of Religion, Disability and Health, 16, 1-18.


Grove, S., Grove, N., Myerscough, T. (2010)  

Intellectual disabilities  and war: Issues for consideration

Journal on Developmental Disabilities, (16)/1, 82-90.


Grove, N, (2007)  

Exploring the absence of high points in story reminiscence with carers of people with profound disabilities

Journal of Policy and Practice in Intellectual Disabilities,4, 252-259  


Grove, N. & Harwood, J. (2007)

How storytelling contributes to quality of life for people with learning disabilities  

SLD Experience 48, 27-30


Rudd, H., Grove, N & Pring, T. (2007)

Teaching productive sign modifications to children with intellectual impairments  

Augmentative and Alternative Communication, 23, 154-163.


Grove, N. & Dockrell, J. (2000)

Multi-sign combinations by children with intellectual impairments: an analysis of language skills.

Journal of Language, Speech & Hearing Research, 43,  309-323.