IASSIDD (International Association for the Scientific Study of Intellectual Disability) Europe Regional Conference: Pathways to Inclusion, University of Vienna, July 14th – 17th,

1.Community action through personal stories.  Platform presentation.

2.Practical understanding: an approach to making ideas accessible Platform presentation

3.Symposium on accessible critical theory. With Gertraud Kremsner, Samuel Grove.

Equals National Conference, Bridge School and Training Centre, London, 27th June.

Oracy, literacy and narrative.  

Interdisciplinary net:  5th Global conference on Storytelling Lisbon May 10-13th

Transforming tales: exploring the representation of people with intellectual disabilities in world legends



Disability Studies International Conference Amsterdam, 31st October - November 2nd.

Belonging through Storysharing®: processes of attunement and reciprocity. Art of Belonging

Communication Matters National Conference, University of Leeds, 15-17th September

Grove, N., Harwood, J. & Dumont, J. Sharing stories through AAC: empowering children and adults to co-narrate experiences.

IASSIDD Academy workshop Tokyo, Japan August 24th

Inclusive storytelling with children and adults who have developmental disabilities

IASSIDD/JADD Asia Pacific Conference Waseda University, Tokyo August 22-24th

Grove, N, Yanase, T., Kobayashi, S., Tanaka, M.  Quality of life through the arts.  

IASSIDD/JADD Asia Pacific Conference Waseda University, Tokyo August 22-24th

Grove, N. Dependence/interdependence: cultural narratives and the social inclusion of people with profound disabilities.

Primary Care & Public Health 2013 22-23 May, NEC Birmingham

Grove, N. & Harwood, J. Personal narratives with children who have complex speech, language and communication needs.  

Literacy and communication with people with ID/PIMD. Seminar, University of Cologne 7-8th March

I can read you like a book: the meaning of literature and literacy for people with severe and profound cognitive impairments.  



IASSID world congress July 9-14th Halifax, Nova Scotia

Grove, N. Patterns of co-narration in a personal story interaction. A world of potential

IASSID world congress July 9-14th Halifax, Nova Scotia

Grove, N. Telling differences: cultural archetypes of intellectual disabilities in myths and legends. A world of potential



Come to Your Senses 4TH International Conference, Mukibaum Toronto Canada, 19-23rd October.

Invited presentation: Storysharing

Involve Me  National launch September 23rd City Hall, London

Lost for Words, City University, June 17th  

Invited presentation: Identity and Friendship through sharing stories

University of Nijmegen, Holland June 16th 2011

Invited presenter to the Professorial inauguration of Hans van Balkom. Sign language and learning disability

AAC Study Day in collaboration with Communication Matters: London, June 14th.

Talking About Experience - A practical workshop on using AAC equipment to support Personal Narrative.

University of Cambridge, February 2nd

Sharing stories of everyday life: principles and practice of Storysharing™



3rd IASSID-Europe conference Rome October 20-22

Narratives with nonspeakers: how do they work?  

Manual Sign System Conference Commission for Persons with Disability, Malta, October 8th.

The need for sign and gesture with children who have special educational needs and disabilities.   Invited keynote for  Launch of the second book of signs:

5th International Disability Studies conference, 5-7th September.

Flying with the sparrow: people with intellectual disabilities in stories from Africa.

SENJIT/CRAE Autism conference: new developments in research, practice, policy, Institute of Education. July 15th

How2B Friends

University of Geneva, June 11th.

Invited presentation: Le langage au moyen de systems signes et gestures: bases theoriques et applications cliniques.  Formation continue sur "Communication alternative et augmentée (CCA) : troubles sévères de la communication d’origine développementale".  

University of Manchester English Department. January 6-8th

A story to tell: reflections on the construction of intellectual disability in traditional tales.  Present difference: the cultural production of disability



AGOSCII (society for speech impaired people), Canberra, Australia, May 7-9th

Invited keynote: Meaning through story.






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