Professional Consultation

ARCHES, 2017-2020

Project to develop strategies and tools to facilitate access to cultural resources by people with differences and difficulties associated with perception, memory, cognition and communication.  A collaboration of thirteen entities from four European countries, including six major museums in Spain, the United Kingdom and Austria.


MCCH Kent, 2013-15

2 year project to develop accessible personal histories for people with severe and profound disabilities in residential accommodation.


ESRC Research Seminar Series, 2012-2013

Rethinking Learning Disability: Contexts, Voices, Policies Dundee University; Glasgow University. Invited panel member


ESRC Research Seminar Series, 2011-2013

Doing Research Inclusively University of Southampton. Invited panel member.


Imuse consultancy (imuse.org.uk), 2011-12

Invited member of panel, contributing expertise on communication disabilities and IT


Involve Me, 2008-11  

Mencap action research project to explore participation in decision making by people with severe andprofound disabilities.  


Dundee University, 2009-2011

Consultant to narrative project at the Department of Computing: How was school today EPSRC funded


Practice survey to support Social Care, 2008

Institute for Excellence knowledge review on Advocacy and support for people with profound intellectual impairments and high support needs (one of only 5 in the UK)


Sign Language Assessment Clinic, City university

Specialist assessment for children and adults with disabilities who use sign as their main means of communication.  


School Consultancy,  2011

Woodlands School, Harrow; group of schools in Kent


QCA/DFES 2004-5

Guidelines to support Speaking Listening and Learning for pupils with special educational needs


Down Syndrome Association, 2004-2006 

guidelines for families who have a child with DS



Communication for Person Centred Planning, 2002

Lewisham, Hampshire, Kensington & Chelsea,


QCA  Steering group, 1999-2000

Curriculum guidelines for pupils attaining significantly below age-related expectations


NFER SATs development group Key Stage 2 English 1998-2000


QCA Key Stage 2 English Test Review Group 1996-1998


Consultant to the BBC Go For It 1993 -1994


Academic Committee, August 24-27th 1998

8th Biennial Conference of the International Society of Augmentative & Alternative Communication


Academic Committee, September 1998, September 2000

British Institute of Learning Disabilities Annual Conference, September 1998, September 2000


Forum on Learning Disability Steering Committee 1998-2004

Royal Society of Medicine