Storytelling & Performance

“Words cannot describe what “Grandma Nicola” does for us. The children were enthralled by Punch and Judy”


Storytelling means nothing if it doesn’t connect with you and me now.


I’m interested in how our everyday narrative voice, which is so confident, and so intuitive that we hardly notice it’s there, is linked to the epic voice of the oral tradition. The challenge is to bridge that gap….


For Schools and Small Ones

Are planned to fit with programmes of work, or as one off events.  Recent storytelling has included: Viking sagas, Punch and Judy, African folk tales, Wonder tales for small people…


Mothers and daughters, mothers and sons.  Tales from Finland to break and mend your hearts.


Motherlode presents two stories from Finland, a Grimm tale which features relationships between mothers and daughters, and one of the tales from the Finnish epic Kalevala, a mother’s search for her missing son.  This adaptation was inspired by my reactions to over-informative emails from her travelling son.

“SPELLBINDING, very moving…  entrancing…wonderfully atmospheric…energetically spare and unexpected…stories from the heart told with mother passion….loved it!”

Warrior Girls and Moon Princesses

Stories from Old Japan

These stories, collected during visits to Japan, feature both traditional and historic figures, tragic, comic and heroic.

Film of Kagura performances and costume and prop workshops can be included.

“Magical stories from a culture I’m not sufficiently familiar with..I really entered another world…stunningly told, moving and so informative…”

Gudrun’s Handcraft

Weaving Lives into Legend

Laxdaela Saga is one of the great Icelandic family sagas, written in the 13th C about events that took place some two hundred years before.  The story features strong women, gossip and anecdote building to a murderous family feud, and there is a strong emphasis on textiles.  Many scholars think it was written by a woman. My telling mixes traditional and contemporary narrative styles, with spinning and weaving.   Vaðaverk means both “violent deed” and “work on weaving homespun cloth”.

Performance can be paired with a workshop where stories are collected to weave into the tapestry.

Photo taken on Ingrid Wagner’s weaving holiday www.ingridwagner.com

Up and Coming .....

Christiana’s Journey, a Family of Pilgrims

with Amy Douglas


Based on a neglected 17th C classic of English literature: Pilgrims Progress Part 2, where Bunyan turned his attention to the experiences of women, children and socially excluded people on their journey through life.

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