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I offer a unique bespoke consultation and training service. Every event is planned in detail with you, in order to make sure that it fits your needs.  


I want people to go away feeling creative, competent and inspired to meet the challenges they face in their own lives….


All courses combine discussion of underlying principles and theories with practical sessions to build specific skills, and are accompanied by video footage and handouts, with pre-course discussions and follow up as appropriate.  


Story courses and workshops

•Personal storytelling for children and adults with communication challenges.


•Training in community storytelling for people with learning disabilities

•Legends from around the world that challenge social exclusion

•Literature for all – using real books in accessible and meaningful ways


Sign language

Hands on: assessment and intervention through sign and gesture with children and adults who have severe speech impairments.

I am a tutor on the BSL assessment course at City University


Curriculum development

I have a broad interest in inclusive design of the curriculum in schools to enable all students to access knowledge and skills. I have worked in depth with subjects such as English, History and RE, and on cross curricular skills of communication and literacy.

Consultancy work with schools has included Woodlands School, Harrow, Mapledown School, Barnet, Valence School in Kent.


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"The storytelling was imaginative and highly engaging.  the children were really motivated!  Several children who often find it tricky to access reading and writing were really inspired and engaged by the activities and stories, and the follow up writing was of a high quality!"


"Grandma Nicola is a bit crazy, but very cool!"


"It was really good pretending to be scribes.  I wonder what happened to Tutunkamen ..."


"It was the best bit of our Egyptian's topic."



Recent events…

Literature for all: Treasure Island, Brookfields School, Reading, November 11th 2014


STORYSHARING™: making friends and improving communication

Priory School, Croydon, November 3rd 2014


Becoming Creative Explorers – for children with profound and multiple disabilities Elmwood and Penrose Schools, Bridgwater Somerset


Every Sheaf a Golden Tree: storytelling for health and wellbeing Symposium, Beyond the Border storytelling festival, 4th July 2014


Oracy, Literacy and Narrative in the Curriculum, EQUALS Conference June 27th 2014






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